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Consulting Services

OMCI is uniquely placed to help clients navigate the different verticals and offer practical solutions.

Our services include, Strategy planning, Business Growth Consulting, Asset Acquisitions, Compliance & Efficiency Studies, Technical Consulting and Crisis Management.

Our team has over 150 years of combined experience and we have in the past used it to successfully help not only industry professionals, but also investors and banks.

Our Services

Strategy Planning & Business Growth Consulting

Successful companies know that behind profitable business growth is strategic planning. This involves finding the balance between being different from the competition while maintaining the industry standards.

OMCI helps chart out the strategic directions for clients. We help clients understand what can develop competitive advantage in the industry and the feasibility of execution.

  • Conducting Project feasibility studies.
  • Creating Opportunity cost modeling.
  • Technical and Operations feasibilities - Logistical planning and support systems.
  • Profitability analysis and Risk-benefit analysis.
  • Support for vessel selection and vessel operation.
  • Full management proposals.
  • Industry specific HR consulting services.
Asset Evaluation and Acquisition
  • Acting as the overall coordination point for technical due diligence, statutory compliances, and overall performance appraisal.
  • Carrying out onboard inspections of machineries in running conditions, review of documentation/ layup reports/ survey reports, etc
  • Pre purchase negotiations on commercial terms & conditions (and yard technical guarantees in case of new buildings)
  • Coordinating the sale or purchase transaction on owner’s behalf
Crisis Management

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the appropriate facilities will be utilized. Shown here are the facilities of our exclusive collaborators for engine and power plant systems.
  • Review of the complete correspondence and contractual agreements for clients.
  • First responder- full asset evaluation-physical inspection, techno-commercial evaluation, generating options for customer.
  • Negotiating between parties.
  • Yard negotiations.
  • Review of estimated versus actual work carried out.
  • Technical/ commercial/ legal coordination.
  • Contingency plan modeling.
Techno-Commercial Consultancy

Our team of advisors has in depth industry knowledge, which translates into specialist advice for our clients on the technical and commercial aspects of their businesses. Performance audit reports compiled by our team when coupled allow owners to focus on exploiting areas of strength, and review/ avoid areas of weakness.
  • Providing financial knowledge and corporate modeling based on recent transactions, trends, project costs and funding
  • Commercial and financial analysis – asset-wise for a group of assets
  • Analysis of operating expense heads (salaries, repairs, goods and services)
  • Advisory on capital upgrades to the vessel
  • Supervision of Repairs and Refurbishments
  • Physical inspections of units
  • Techno-commercial performance audit including modules covering technical and operational performance, cost analysis and asset valuations.
Compliance & Efficiency Studies

OMCI understands the intricacies of applying statutory compliances. We couple industry knowledge with pertinent local & international conventions, using a risk mitigation approach. This considers possible liabilities that may rise from areas such as local legislation, insurance cover and several others.
  • Consultancy services for regulatory statutory compliances
  • Providing advisory on ISM & QMS systems
  • Developing function-specific solutions to a range of processes within sectors that range from satellite logistics to subsea mining
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