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Project Management

OMCI provides project management and technical services across several industries, with concentrations towards the Oil & Gas, Shipping and Offshore Construction Industries.

Providing Technical Innovation & Leadership for our customers has resulted in specialized function-related offerings, such as installation logistics management and integration into the customer’s ERP.

All specialized services are coordinated through our network of preferred vendors, many of which are leaders in their respective fields. These comprise of technical services for power generation equipment, electrical systems and steel renewals.

Our contributions range across design improvements, lifecycle maintenance and unscheduled repairs. Services are offered on basis of individual components or entire systems, as per the customer’s requirements.

Our Services

Project Management
  • Full turnkey solutions based on the customer’s requirements. Systems range from power generation to logistics management.
  • Full responsibility for designing of Layup plan including sequencing of spares and consumables required, workshop availability and manpower
  • Coordinating project specific challenges such as unit downtime, weather, tidal and other environmental restrictions
  • Assuring that all chosen vendors are pre qualified as per our safety and quality management systems
  • Engaging with our international vendors to source the optimal components and spares, and coordinating receipts to assist the customer’s scheduling and inventory management needs
  • Supply of specialist teams to work around the customer’s time frame

Services For - Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems, Steel Structures

Spares, Repairs and annual maintenance service contracts (AMC) and lifecycle maintenance offered for:
  • Diesel and Gas Engines
  • Turbochargers
  • Power Plants
  • Cranes
  • Separators
  • Heat Exchangers and Evaporators
  • Waste Heat recovery systems
  • Homogenisers
  • Alternator Winding
  • Automation and Control Systems
  • Replacement of Existing SCADA Systems
  • Shaft Alignments and Associated Works
  • Steel Structure Renewals either in situ or at shore premises
  • Pipe Renewals for Large & Small Diameter units
Technical Design Services
  • Performance Analysis
  • Consultancy & Audits
  • Providing Operators or Training existing Operators
  • Bi Fuel Engine Conversions (Gas to Diesel or Diesel to Gas)
  • Supervising Conversions, Modifications & Upgrades
  • Installation of modified units
  • Ensuring Production Enhancement and maintaining the modified units
  • Vibration Analysis & Elimination
Our Projects
  • Complete power generation unit overhauls & replacements
  • Alternate equipment design & fabrication (1/4 of international price) – vacuum sensor and automatic cut-offs, etc
  • Varying diameter & length shafting system alignments
  • Large unit bearing renewals
  • Large motor rewinds
  • Large scale steel renewals in compliance with international requirements
  • Complete crane restoration
  • Complete compressor restoration
Our Facilities
Depending on the customer’s requirements, the appropriate facilities will be utilized. Shown here are the facilities of our exclusive collaborators for engine and power plant systems.

Spares & Services For :


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