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Ship Management

Effective ship management is all about preparation. This is achieved by a competent ship and shore teams, operating within strong safety and quality management systems.

In addition to full ship management, OMCI offers a comprehensive range of marine services, blending Crewing, Technical and Consultancy Services to cater to the exact needs of our Customers.

It is our commitment to have every ship managed by us to be operationally safe and ready in terms of technical, crewing and certification requirements.

Our Services

Ship Management
  • Complete Technical Management Operations and Maintenance.
  • Vessel Inspections, Equipment Sourcing & Servicing.
  • Docking Services (including repair specifications, estimation, pre inspection and negotiation on Customer’s behalf).
  • Crew Training and Development.
  • Providing personnel and crews across the Industry (Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Offshore Supply Vessels and More).
  • Offering Industry Compliant Personnel (example: Satisfying Oil Major Matrix Requirements, etc).
  • Pre-purchase inspections and project viability studies.
For more information on our Technical Consultancy please visit Our Consulting Services

Dry Dockings & New Building Supervision
  • Planning and execution of dry docking
  • Supervising vessel Conversions, Modifications & Equipment Up Gradation
  • New Building Supervision
  • Liaising from keel laying to delivery
  • Conducting specification review and execution
  • Providing plan approvals and on-site supervision
  • Supervising Initial Stocking of the Vessel after delivery
  • Coordinating Guarantee Claims with the Yard and the Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Completing vessel performance review
  • Providing qualified, competent and experienced seafarers by understanding the requirements of the customer and the industry segment
  • Ensuring timely relief of seafarers to guarantee smooth operations and good morale onboard
  • Continuous upgrading of Marine Human Resources through appraisals, training, mentoring and process strengthening
  • Providing Training, Conducting Seminars and Incorporating external training resources as required so as to achieve industry benchmarks for best practices
  • Selecting the best candidates for customers from our pool of over 2,000 seafarers which we by grow by building individual relationships & tracking career development
  • Working transparently with owners to maintain costs within budget

OMCI training systems are based on a simple philosophy - we believe training is vital to life at sea. We ensure that our people are prepared and systems are robust enough to make certain that we meet the highest industry benchmarks and latest international standards.

Quality Health Safety Environment (QHSE)

As per the provision of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, Ship Managers are statutorily responsible to act as regulators to promote safety of life, property & environment.

With management experience across Offshore Supply Vessels, Tankers and Bulk Carriers, OMCI is well versed in the planning and carrying out of QHSE functions.
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, of Flag, Class & Port State.
  • Maintaining commercial tradability by obtaining Oil major approvals.
  • Promoting a safe & responsible working culture onboard through training, monitoring & reviews.
  • Reducing the number of accidents, incidents by monitoring compliance, and providing feedback.
  • Continuously improving our Safety Management System (SMS) by utilizing reporting systems within the vessels managed by our company, case studies of the industry, and coordination of these activities with our crews.
Other Services

Other services include, but are not limited to
  • Changing of Flag / Class / Name.
  • Surveying and inspecting for sale and purchase.
  • Post-fixture management.
  • Offering tank cleaning expertise for chemical tankers.
  • Budgeting of vessels by use of historic data enable us to work out realistic.
  • Creating efficient operational budgets
  • Setting-up, Implementing & Administering Planned Maintenance Systems.
  • Setting up IT Infrastructure for Vessel & Office administration.
  • Liaising with Flag and Class States on Owner’s behalf.
Our Projects

Ships managed comprise of worldwide operations for offshore supply vessels, tankers and bulk carriers.

Vessels Managed

OMCI has managed over 59 vessels across 14 Owners, 10 Flag States and 7 Classification Societies. These include chemical tankers, oil tankers, bitumen carriers, panama bulk carriers, Very Large Ore Carriers (VLOC) and Offshore Supply Vessels.

Our vessels have seen a diverse range of activity, and our management systems have been benefitted by the cross referencing of best practices across these various trades, employments and vessel types.

Dry Docking & New Building Supervised

Our new building supervision projects have ranged from Small Tankers to Suezmaxes and Offshore Supply Vessels. Our experience covers shipbuilding in Japan, Korea, China and Croatia.

Our vessels have seen a diverse range of activity, and our management systems have been benefitted by the cross referencing of best practices across these various trades, employments and vessel types.

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